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  • Must to know about abs yoga:-

    Yesterday, July 27, in a gathering of two thousand yoga delegates from all over India, 'Abs Yoga School' was declared "best yoga training institute" by "Indian Yoga Academy". President Dr. Narayanan said "yoga course curriculum, qualifications & experience of yoga teachers, teaching methodology and implementation of yogic values & principle in life style during the course were the main objectives during evaluation about 300 yoga schools". . . . . . .

  • Controversies in abs yoga :-

    In a National yoga seminar jointly organised by World Yoga Congress and Indian Yoga Academy on July 27, at New Delhi, the second prize for "Best Yoga Style (in 60 minutes to 120 minutes category styles )" was taken back from "Abs Yoga International". President, World Yoga Congress, said "We appreciate yoga master trainer Sunil Dahiya and his teams very much. But as "Abs Yoga" does not comes under "yoga style" as defined in code-of-conduct rather it is a group of multiple yoga styles" . . . .

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Abs Yoga

'Abs Yoga Teacher Training Course' yoga class by Sunil Dahiya

The yoga system known as "Abs Yoga" is Advanced Bahirang System of yoga. This system of yoga is based on advanced physical practices of yoga which helps the practitioner to reach state of meditation without practicing meditation separately. It is quite obvious that it helps to develop extreme level of Flexibility, Strength, Motor Coordination, Kinesthetic Intelligence & Balance by visibly advanced physical practices of yoga i.e. Abs Yoga. The "not oblivious" part is the psychological, intellectual, mental and spiritual benefits of meditative state ; which practitioner experiences because of practicing the Asanas & Kriyas in a particular sequence (Abs yoga). This system was compiled & synthesized by yoga master trainer Sri Sunil Dahiya after more than 20 years of yoga practice and more than 10 years of research about traditional and contemporary 'Abs Yoga Teacher Training Course' yoga class by Sunil Dahiya schools of yoga in India. The most beautiful part of Abs Yoga is the sacred practices of yoga; which helps ordinary people to become able to perform advanced yoga practices without any difficulties.
At present "Abs Yoga" is one of best known system of yoga to prepare for internal practices of Yoga.

Why is it called "Abs Yoga"
"Advanced Bahirang System of Yoga" ?

"A" stands for "Advanced"

It is advanced yoga system among physical practices of yoga or external practices of yoga.

"B" stands for "Bahirang"

It is visible system of yoga. It is physical system of yoga. It is external form of yoga in relation to "meditative forms of yoga". And we follow the tradition of "Bahirang Yoga" practices as indicated by "Maharishi Patanjali" in his "Yoga Sutra".

"S" stands for "System"

It is a system and not the style. It is not a "style of yoga" or "particular way" in which a person likes "to practice" or "to teach" yoga. This system is based on yogic principals and traditional practices.

"ABS YOGA" is "Yoga" which

develop "Abs"

By following this system, it is easy to develop "Six-pack Abs" as by product of practice !

International Day of Yoga in Volgograd Russia June 2015

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Yoga Systems in Abs Yoga :

'Abs Yoga Teacher Training Course' yoga class by Sunil Dahiya

Abs Yoga is compiled & synthesized by merging four core systems of yoga with six levels in each. Each system covers all limbs of Bahirang Yoga while specially emphasizing on one aspect. An Abs Yoga practitioner practices all ten limbs of yoga or divisions of yoga (mentioned below) irrespective of which system of Abs Yoga he / she follows. All these systems of yoga are integral part and they together form Abs Yoga. It is like in medical science (Allopathic) Neurology, Orthopedics, Gastroenterology, Cardiology etc. are not the alternative of each other, they deal with their respective areas (Nervous system, Skeletal system & Muscular system, Digestive system, Circulatory system etc.) and all together form the complete Medical System. These four core systems of Abs Yoga are :-

Abs Ghatasth Yoga :

The Yoga system for involuntary organs ! Thousands years old Ghatasth Yoga scripture in Sanskrit reveals the secret to next step entry after Hatha yoga & Ashtanga Yoga. It explains the un-explained aspect of yoga and provides minor details. Authentic practice of Ghatasth Yoga in traditional way opens the next step entry door after Hatha yoga & Ashtanga Yoga. ABS Ghatasth Yoga is a unique system of exercise for involuntary muscles and vital organs to boost internal strength and control. . . . . . (read More ).
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Abs Power Yoga :

The yoga system of most powerful people ! Based on MAHARISHI PATANJALI's teaching, it is a powerful traditional yoga practice which activates your 'power hidden within' and stimulates your endocrine system to secrete happy hormones by 'somato-psychic approach . . . . . (read More ).
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Abs Hatha Yoga :

The Yoga system for flourishing happiness ! Soft & stable way of synchronized growth. It is thousands years old culture of reviving the life and maintaining the ever-youthfulness. In ABS Hatha yoga you will work on concept of channel the PRAN ( the origin of energy and consciousness) in correct manner for optimum growth at all levels: physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. It is based on the science beyond the physical world. . . . . . (read More ).
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Abs Ashtanga Yoga :

The yoga system, which is a lifestyle ! Complete yoga for day & night ! It covers all the segments of your life through eight folds of yoga, be it therapy, health or fitness, intellectual or creative growth/progress , optimism or confidence building, sleep or rest issues, rejuvenating or anti-aging techniques, relaxation & entertainment, spirituality and connection with God. . . . . . (read More ).
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10 Divisions of Abs Yoga are:-

  • Yama

    Root principals of social development to be followed by every yoga practitioner. These rules harmonize the connection between Supreme consciousness and individual consciousness.
  • Niyama

    Root principals of Individual development to be followed by every yoga practitioner. These rules raise the consciousness to next level.
  • Shatkarma

    Elemental Purifying Techniques.
  • Yogasadhan Kriya

    Root principles of maintaining and resetting compatibility between 'Physical Body', 'Subtle Body' (Energy Body) and 'Emotional Body'.
  • Asana

    Somato-Psyche System ( Physical Postures / yogic poses based on Science of Pranic flow ).
  • Pranayam

    Breathing Miracles (The science of pranic energy and breathing ).
  • Mudra

    Superfine techniques of pranic upliftment. Practice involves Postures, Breathing & Locks in specific patterns.
  • Bandha

    Energy diversion.
  • Pratyahara

    Techniques, science & rules of Detachments.
  • Bahirang Meditation ( 7 Steps )

    Advanced & ancient system of Psychic techniques starting from neuron relaxation and reaches to wisdom.

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